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Motor Valuation

Motor Vehicle Valuation is done for insurance purposes, financing.

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Accident Assessment

We are leading consultants in Vehicle Accident Assessment. Our vehicle ....

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Travel Check

Planning a safari? Going for a road trip? Get peace of mind at AutoScan....

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Useful Economical Life

Many Individuals/Corporates sometimes continue to carry assets with expired economic/useful lives in their balance sheets. The reasons vary from case to case. However the bottom line is that these assests add no value to you. AutoScan Motor Assessors & Valuers Limited offers this important service.

Useful Economical Life of a vehicle can be described as the period over which the vehicle is expected to be usable, with normal repairs and maintenance, for the purpose it was acquired, rented, or leased for. Expressed usually in number of years.

Contact us for proffessional advice on the vehicles you should dispose/keep.