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Motor Valuation

Motor Vehicle Valuation is done for insurance purposes, financing.

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Accident Assessment

We are leading consultants in Vehicle Accident Assessment. Our vehicle ....

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Travel Check

Planning a safari? Going for a road trip? Get peace of mind at AutoScan....

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Roadworthiness Report.

AutoScan Motor Assessors & Valuers offers a complete roadworthiness inspection in accordance with insurance renewal requirements in Kenya. This is done for both corporates and individuals.

A complete inspection includes:

*To authenticate insured's' details.

*To indicate owner as per log book.

*To indicate the class of licence. E.g. PSV, commercial or private use.

*Chassis detail authentication

*Brake Efficiency Test

*Steering system serviceability.

*Condition of and serviceability of tyres

*Paintwork condition

*Lighting system serviceability.

*Body condition Emission

*Engine condition

*Transmission system serviceability etc.


A client who wishes to have their vehicle/machinery assessed should have:

  *Copy of the LogBook (Local or Foreign)  or

  *Copy of importation docs e.g. Import Declaration Form, bill of landing e.t.c.  or

  *Copy of Invoice.


1. No report will be released without issuance of either of the above.

2. Reports are issued/delivered within 24HRS from the time of inspection