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Technical Inspection entails checking your motor vehicle/machinery for the purposes of authenticating its value. This is done when a client requires valuation/technical inspection report for use in securing finance against logbook/machinery, disposal, inventory.
In a nutshell our experienced valuers check for but not limited to the following;
  *Bodywork / paintwork
  *Instrument panel / upholstery
  *Condition of Chassis frame
  *Above / under carriage
  *Engine condition / oil leakage
  *Transmission / clutch system
  *Final drive / wheel Bearing
  *Suspension system
  *Steering / brake system
  *Tyre / exhaust / engine noise


A client who wishes to have their vehicle/machinery assessed should have:
  *Copy of the LogBook (Local or Foreign)  or
  *Copy of importation docs e.g. Import Declaration Form, bill of landing e.t.c.  or
  *Copy of Invoice.
1. No report will be released without issuance of either of the above.
2. Reports are issued/delivered within 24HRS from the time of inspection.