Planning a safari? Going for a road trip? Get peace of mind at AutoScan
As you plan for your out-of-town road trip, either a vacation with your family or work related it is important to factor that your car should be checked by a proffessional. More often than not mechanics extort unsuspecting motorists with unnecessary ‘repairs’. It is adviceable to seek proffessional advice to know whether you really need that ‘repair’ or if you can do without it.
AutoScan Motor Assessors & Valuers Ltd responds to queries like “I’m going on an out-of-town road trip with the family, would you please check my car and make sure it is road-worthy”? with unrivalled proffessional services. We advice on NECESSARY repairs/adjustments before you travel.
Such assessement should be undertaken well in advance to give your mechanic time to make necessary repairs, and some room for adjustments and re-inspection (Which is done free of charge at Autoscan Motor Assessors & Valuers Ltd.).



All that is required from the client is to avail their vehicle in one of our garages or yards for the inspection and thereafter an technical advice